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Alliyah Kimbrough

Clinical Mental Health Counselor, PGH


Alliyah Kimbrough received her undergraduate degree at Seton Hill University with her Bachelors in Social Work with a specialty in forensic science. She started her internship at a county jail after learning about the impacts of trauma affecting inmates. She also learned that some of the men who were incarcerated experienced childhood trauma. Alliyah went on to receive her Masters in Social Work at University of New England and began her work at Holy Family Institute working with children to regulate their emotions and develop coping skills that can follow into their adolescence and then adulthood.


Alliyah is passionate about working with adolescents, adults, and families. One of her therapeutic goals is to challenge clients to address their childhood traumas and generational traumas. Alliyah encourages her clients to reach and use their inner strength and resiliency to challenge and change their negative thoughts and behaviors, improve their emotional regulation, and develop coping skills in order to reach their goals in treatment.

As a clinician, she has provided therapy services to clients experiencing post-traumatic stress, various forms of abuse, and mental health disorders. Her approach to therapy is holistic, strengths-based, and solution-focused using evidence-based practices such as CBT, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed, and DBT. Alliyah respects clients individually and acknowledges they are the expert in their own lives, she believes her job is to work in partnership with clients to establish attainable goals, reach their full potential, become more self-aware, and develop a healthier and positive way of living.


Alliyah continues to educate herself in order to grow professionally through supervision, professional and personal growth, and development.

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