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Meet the Team

Ayanna Blue

Clinical Mental Health Clinician


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Ayanna Blue is a dedicated and passionate clinical mental health clinician. As a facilitator for health and wellness, she aims to create a safe space for clients to embark on personal journeys of healing, self-discovery, and self-actualization. At the core of her practice is an eternal commitment to equity and social justice through addressing the multi-faceted multicultural issues and needs of diverse populations. Blue is currently finishing a MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Trinity Washington University. She holds a BA in Black Studies (The College of Wooster) and an MA in Performance Studies (New York University).


Blue’s lived experiences have shaped her ability to understand and empathize with the complex mental health and wellness challenges that people face. She employs evidence-based approaches and techniques, integrative wellness practices, and humanistic, behavioral, and psychodynamic theoretical methods to help clients achieve their goals. Blue’s current research focuses on adverse childhood experiences (ACE’s), trauma, and the weathering framework as it relates to the Black maternal health crisis.  This research supports the larger advocacy movement to dismantle structural and systemic racism within the health care system, bringing awareness to racial health disparities as a matter of social justice. Blue is thrilled to be a resident counselor as part of the Onyx team and community. 




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