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Chevon Matthews

As a licensed graduate professional counselor (LGPC) in the District of Columbia and a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland (LCPC), Chevon Mathews is dedicated to enhancing lives through the many facets of mental health.  Chevon is a graduate of Trinity Washington University and she believes that being informed, perseverance, social supports and preparation are the most important aspects in achievement. Chevon has been in the helping profession for 5 years and she utilizes a variety of interventions such as cognitive behavioral therapy, person-centered therapy, solution-focused therapy and, mindfulness to help her clients learn to cope and effectively handle challenges.


Chevon is a person who enjoys learning and acquiring new knowledge for personal and professional application. She continues to cultivate her craft through professional development and other learning opportunities. Chevon has completed highly specialized training, has a specific skill set and zeal in working with firefighters, paramedics and re-entering citizens. With training in subjects such as trauma, complicated grief and substance use, she has provided individual and group counseling that benefits the overall wellness of her clients and assists in healthy processing. Also, Chevon has experience working with children, adolescents, couples and families.


When she’s not helping others, Chevon takes pleasure in spending quality time with her family, seeing the wonders of the world and playing sports. Chevon’s desire is to help those she comes in contact with to begin a journey to become their best selves