Professional Development

Professional Development

Clinical Supervision is the customized professional development experience in which a seasoned counselor develops a novice counselor or a counselor with a specific growth point. 

Onyx Therapy Group offers clinical supervision through an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) who has practiced clinical supervision for over 10 years, presented at several international conferences, and researched the topic for her doctoral dissertation.

Develoment in:
  • Theoretical Orientations

  • Therapeutic Interventions 

  • Cultural Awareness 

  • Cultural Approaches

  • Diagnoses

  • Documentation

  • Case conceptualization

  • Professional Skills

  • Counseling Skills

  • Effective Communication

  • Effective Reflections

  • Counseling Children

  • Counseling Adolescents

  • Counseling Couples

  • Working with LGBTQ Clients

  • Recognizing and Minimizing Countertransference

  • Addressing and Utilizing Transference in Sessions

  • Accessing Professional Development Resources

  • Obtaining Effective Resources for Clients

  • Organizational Consultation

  • Team building

  • Insurance Claims & Filing

  • Professional Conference Presentations

  • Networking

  • Social Media Presence

  • Private Practice start-ups