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Mighty Fine

Chief Development Officer


Mighty Fine is the Chief Development Officer at the Onyx Therapy Group. In this role, Mr. Fine oversees the implementation of strategic plans to secure funds, manage fundraising efforts and build strong relationships with various funding sources. He has 15 years of experience managing public and private
grants, contracts and cooperative agreements.


Mr. Fine not only has expertise in development, trained as a Social Epidemiologist, his programmatic efforts have focused on the deleterious impacts of structural factors on community health and well- being. A core part of his portfolio in public health has aimed to dismantle the systemic structures that serve as pillars of disadvantage. He has built a wealth of knowledge in social determinants of health and brings a social justice perspective to the assessment and prevention of community health issues. He credits his experience living in rural and urban environments with providing him the direct insight into how disparities can operate within our society. He has witnessed firsthand how social structures determine how resources are distributed or withheld, further widening the inequity chasm. Thus, his work has aimed to optimize the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work, learn and age.


As a consultant, he designs, develops and evaluates public health programs, analyses public policy and provides capacity building technical assistance to local, state and national partners. He works with a range of stakeholders representing faith-based institutions, law enforcement, commerce and education, to employ a comprehensive approach to disease prevention. Mr. Fine also serves as a guest speaker on panels as well as providing keynote addresses at local and national meetings.

Mr. Fine has worked in a myriad of areas, including injury and violence prevention, maternal and family health, HIV/AIDS, case management, social policy and chronic disease prevention. He earned his Bachelor of Science in public health from Rutgers University. He holds a Masters of Public Health from Yale University with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences and Chronic Disease Epidemiology. He is also certified by the National Commission for Health Education as a Certified Health
Education Specialist (CHES).




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