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Miriam Lane

Education and Training Consultant
M.A, Ed.S


Miriam Lane has over 14 years of educational experience as both a teacher and a professional school counselor. As our society is constantly changing, being able to accept our youth as they are, assist our youth where they are, and advocate for our youth is a challenge that she has accepted and will continue to take on. She is a proud advocate for student and teacher growth and promotes this through professional development and mentoring sessions within her school district. She believes as an educator and counselor
there are many aspects of education that need to transform for the good of our students and teachers; and believe with guidance and support, student and teacher growth is achievable.

As a consultant with Onyx Therapy Group, Miriam has had the opportunity to train and speak in many different capacities. She has trained DC Urban Teachers on the importance of mandating reporting; presented at the Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Conference 2020 to educators from around the nation on Acute Stress Disorder and Schools; and provided consultation on mental health during Covid-19 to the leaders of the National Charter Collaborative.

Miriam Lane obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education from Saint Augustine's University in Raleigh, NC. She began her educational career as an elementary school teacher in Prince William County Public Schools teaching 3rd grade. In 2008, she continued her teaching career in Prince George’s County. After starting her career as an educator, in 2013, Miriam obtained her Master’s of Arts Degree in Counseling from Trinity University of DC. During her years as a Professional School Counselor, she became very aware of the major gaps in students' growth performance and wanted to help make a change. She took on several leadership roles such as mentoring new teachers; developing and presenting parent seminars focusing on student mental health and their academics; leading several professional developments for teachers that focused on student growth

and performance; meeting students social- emotional needs; as well as focusing on topics that discussed how to “teach” the whole child.

Through Prince George’s County Public Schools System Miriam has had the opportunity to continue her mental health trainings addressing trauma, suicide intervention, child abuse, crisis prevention, as well as becoming certified as a Youth Mental Health First Aider. Learning is a passion of hers and she is always continuously finding way to grow in the mental health and education field. 


Having the opportunity to take on several leadership roles, Miriam felt in order to help student and teacher growth, she must grow as an educator and be fully prepared to help the student, the educator, and
the parent. In 2018, She received her Administrator 1 Certification and Educational Specialist Degree from The George Washington University, in DC.

Let’s not play these kids cheap; let’s find out what they have. What do they have that is a strength? What do they have that you can approach and build a bridge upon? Education is all a matter of building bridges, it seems to me. Environment is bouncing everything off everybody in this country…. The question is how can you relate the environment to yourself?”

~ Ralph Ellison, “What These Children Are Like Lecture” 1963


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