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Mwandi Bandawe

Clinical Mental Health Therapist


Mwandi is a Licensed Graduate Counselor (LGPC-DC), a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC), and a Board-Certified, TeleMental Health Counselor (BC-TMH). She acknowledges that finding the right Therapist can be an overwhelming task; however, she believes it to be the most important first step in reclaiming one’s optimal mental health.

Therapy is an invaluable tool for anyone seeking growth, personal insight or struggling with a debilitating mental health impairment. Mwandi provides psychotherapy for couples and adults dealing with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and adjustment issues. While utilizing evidence-based therapeutic modalities, Mwandi supports her clients
as they progressively learn how to cope and successfully manage life's challenges; thereby improving their overall quality of life. 


Mwandi has been effective in providing counseling to organizations with 50 or more members throughout the DMV area. When working with organizations such as Urban Teachers, DC, she utilizes Solution Focused Therapy to conceptualize presenting issues in order to formulate alternate employee related services (to offer to its Residents). In her advocacy work for Black Women’s Mental Health Issues, she has served as a panelist for The PAUSE Project’s Women’s Health Pop-Up Series. Her expertise also extends to Crisis Management; where she has provided mental health crisis counseling to national organizations, such as the Mount Rainier Police Department (MD).

Mwandi is adept at tailoring her therapeutic approach to the crisis at hand in order to help an individual or group restore a sense of control/and or balance. Her therapeutic approach is collaborative and aligns with her belief that ultimately, the client is the expert in his or her life. She firmly believes that everyone needs a non-judgmental space where they can express and explore their authentic selves; she is that “space” for her clients.


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