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Thinking Thoughtfully in 2024

Everyday my teacher asks the class a question on the board that we respond to in about 8-10 sentences.  This past week he asked us deep questions about ourselves.  These particular questions really stood out to me because usually he asks silly questions or questions relating to the holidays that we’re approaching.  A few questions in particular really stood out to me.  These questions consisted of “What’s your favorite part of your personality?” and “What is the best thing about you?”  For a second I sat in class puzzled as to what my best qualities were.  It took me at least 10 minutes before I was able to compose an answer to the questions.

After taking the time to write my response, I realized that I do not practice enough self love and self care.  It should never take more than 2 minutes to compose a paragraph or even think about your best qualities and why you feel that they are your best qualities.  This prompted me to want to journal more as well as practice self affirmations.  I wanted to start the year off with better habits and what better way to do that than practicing self love?  I also took it upon myself to start working out to get the perfect body for spring break and prom.  Will these be habits that carry with me to college?  Hopefully they are because I feel like this will be a large step in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

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