Rashida Walker

For many, therapy is intimidating. For others, therapy is critical. Regardless of what your perspective of therapy is, therapy has consistently been proven to be beneficial to those who come from all different walks of life. School, work, family, housing, relationships and practically everything else in life has the potential to impact our mood, our thinking and ultimately, our actions. 


My name is Rashida Walker and I am a licensed professional therapist in the District of Columbia and Maryland. As a practicing therapist, I create space for children, families, and adults to express their struggles with anxiety and depression. With the prevalence of anxiety represented by 19.1% of adults, and prevalence for depression represented by 7.1% of all U.S. adults, I work diligently to empower my clients to alleviate their symptoms on their daily functioning (NIH, 2017). I utilize a Cognitive Behavioral approach with evidenced based interventions to address these concerns and many others. This therapy targets re-occuring errors in cognition that causes dysfunctional behavior to restructure and reorder the behavior.  


My passion to work with the undeserved population, with a strong focus on service, began in 2005. I have paired my focus on service and passion with working with the undeserved population and began working clinically with individuals in 2012. I obtained my Masters in Counseling at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, DC campus in 2013 and have returned to the Chicago School of Professional Psychology to study clinical psychology to increase application of other theories and utilize assessments to better serve her clients. 


I welcome the opportunity to assist in your self work. Look forward to meeting you!

M.A., LPC, NCC Doctoral Student