Research and Consultation

Research and Consultation

Legal Research and Writing

 With expertise across a number of fields, Onyx Therapy Group will work with you to customize  trainings, workshops, and programs for your organization. 


Our consultation process includes an initial meeting, data review, customized  workshop development, presentation, a post-workshop strategy meeting, and a written summary.


Our goal is to support your organization as you adjust to the ever growing and changing educational landscape.

  • Trainings/Workshops 

  • Race & Equity for staff and students 

  • Special Education Teaching​ Mindset and Skills 

  • Culturally Sensitive Behavior  

  • Classroom Management 

  • Advocacy and Support for Children with Special Needs 

  • Team-Building 

  • Co-Teaching 

  • Leadership and Capacity Building 

  • Early Childhood Interventions 

  • Restorative Justice 

  • Behavior  Triggers 

  • Deescalation 

  • Bullying and Interpersonal Violence 

  • Behavioral modifications 

  • Co-teaching 

  • Co-living/Couples 

  • Positive communication & writing 

  • Professional etiquette

Colleagues Working in Office

Consultation Services

  • Accreditation Support (Schools, Out of School time programs, Counseling programs) 

  • Special education program design 

  • Curriculum Writing and Development 

  • Out of School Time Program Design 

  • ​Strategic Partnerships 

  • ​Internship Partnerships and Program Development 

  • Hiring and Staff Management 

  • Grant Writing 

  • Developing Parent Groups 

  • Child Development Associate Program Teaching 

  • Leadership and capacity building​

  • Dissertation support