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Meet the Team

Dr. Ayana K. Malone

Director of Education and Training
M.S, M.Ed, MA.T, PhD


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Dr. Malone is of the Freirian belief that education is the most direct route to freedom from oppression, generational poverty, and self-actualization.  Having started her career as a special education teacher focusing on emotional and behavioral disorders, she has spent a great deal of time exploring the efficacy of educational programs, successful teaching, and building educational programs that transform environments to be responsive to participants with a range of needs- identified or not. 


As a teacher, trainer, mentor, recruiter and evaluator, Dr. Malone is able to push teachers and staff to their greatest potential in serving their constituents.  With advanced degrees in teaching and sociology, she is able to skillfully blend psychology, systems analysis and effective strategy to meet organizational or school needs. Her visionary approach from her administrative career as well as her talent development and equity lens makes her a dynamic and transformative leader.   Through the pursuit of education, pedagogy,  and knowledge, Dr. Malone believes we all can rise together.




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