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Who We Are

Purpose Statement

OTG provides culturally intersected services to individuals, schools, organizations, and government agencies, through the utilization of our expertise in mental health, education, coaching and consulting.  We fulfill our purpose through sustainable outcomes, capacity building, and transformative growth.

Vision Statement

OTG is rooted in the belief that all individuals and entities are capable of being the best version of themselves, personally and professionally. We envision healed communities, healthy workplaces and a positive perspective centered on mental health.

Our Expertise

Mental Health and Counseling

As counselors, we are highly educated on and familiar with mental health, its cultural implications, historical taboos, impact on treatment, and individual self-talk during the process. Our counselors approach mental health through a holistic perspective that allows for the incorporation of spirituality, cognitive shifts, behavioral reinforcements, and support systems. We know and understand the impact that mental health has on an individual, sister circle, family and community; therefore our objectives are to educate all things positive about urban education, mental health and eradicate all things negative about mental illness.


Educational Consulting

As consultants, we are highly educated on and familiar with education and child development in from an organizational perspective.  We know and understand the impact that socio-economics, race, and political factors can have in building a community that is high in morale, productivity, and efficiency. We understand the various objectives that are woven into racial and cultural competency, such as communication, objectivity, expression of feelings and awareness. Additionally, we are highly trained in adult learning styles and ensuring that learners retain and implement training objectives and goals.

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