Counseling &

We provide  guidance,  healing, and support by offering a range of therapies to include mental health, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy. With a primary focus on counseling theories, techniques, orientations, we aim to assist clients in solving their personal, social  or emotional challenges through the increase of awareness, cognitive tracking, behavioral support, and more

Professional Development

We provide customized professional development opportunities and experiences within a range of careers to include mental health clinicians, educators, business leaders, and government officials. Through the incorporation of research and application, we utilize 3 distinct supervision models and developmental models.  All clinical supervisors are credentialed as Approved Clinical Supervisors (ACS).

As society, communities, research, and standards change within personal and professional settings, we provide direct consultation to individuals, non-profits organizations, companies, city planners, and federal agencies to ensure each entity adheres to the growing trends and compliance standards. As researchers and leaders within our fields, we provide information and counsel on topics to include but not limited to cultural competence, behavioral adjustments, and more. 

Research and Consultation
Public Speaking

We provide human relation solutions to agencies, organizations, and schools that are seeking on-staff mental health providers. In the process, we search, interview, and source based on your company's specific mission, vision, and needs. 

Additionally, we provide administrative support, in the form of assistance, billing, documentation, planning, and human relations.