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Meet the Team

Dr. LaNail R. Plummer

Chief Executive Officer


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As a leading professional in the mental health field, Dr. LaNail R. Plummer and her team of 30 Black/women of color, are committed to improving the lifestyles of others through the aspects of mental health and identity development. A United States Military Veteran and the CEO of Onyx Therapy Group -- an organization she founded in 2013 -- Dr. Plummer has over 18 years of experience working with a multitude of clients, and specializing in the care of young women; the Black community; and members of the LGBTQ+ community. 


As the CEO of Onyx Therapy Group, Dr. Plummer and her team of counselors and consultants, aim to create a company whose mission is centered on addressing mental health issues, disparities, and inequalities in communities, organizations, and individuals in need. With roots in DC and footprints in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota,  Dr. Plummer and her team specialize in a range of theories, therapies and various educational models of training and learning, that focus on the Critical Race theory, Culturally Sustaining pedagogy, and cognitive functioning and framing. Onyx Therapy Group provides direct consultation to local and federal government agencies, while providing models and structures, like Dr. Plummer’s Culturally Intersected Supervision Model, that allows them to support their frontline mental health teams. Her work with Johns Hopkins University as a lecturer on various topics within the mental health sphere, includes multicultural factors and social justice elements.

Combining her experiences from the military, higher learning, and parenting, Dr. Plummer’s work as a community leader and public speaker has transcended into many spaces creating opportunities for engagement within the Black and brown communities. Dr. Plummer explores the experiences of Black culture in public and private settings with the goal of creating a grounded theory that best suits the needs of Black people in a range of professions. Her passion for public speaking has been recognized nationally, speaking for the US Black Chamber of Commerce, TedX Talk, Mental Health America, Walker’s Legacy, New York University, among others. Her expertise has been featured in publications such as Forbes, the Today Show, Essence, NY Magazine, Time Magazine, and The Washingtonian. Additionally, she is the recipient of several national awards: The Lifetime Achievement Award (The Gathering Spot), BOW Knows Growth (The BOW Collective) 2023 Titan Gold Winner (Titan Awards), and Who’s Who 2024 (International Marquis Inc.).  Currently, Dr. Plummer is finalizing her first book: The Essential Guide for Counseling Black Women, published by Norton Publishing.

In her leisure, Dr.Plummer is an all around athlete, and self-care advocate. She truly believes that physical health and self-care are all connected to our own mental health, and she is committed to inspiring and improving the lifestyles of others through the aspects of mental health, character development, and fitness. Grounded in the values of integrity and awareness, Dr. Plummer believes that emotional, physical, spiritual, and cultural healing is attainable for all.




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