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Meet the Team

Kayla Harris

Clinical Mental Health Therapist


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Kayla Harris is a graduate from Duquesne University with a Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She started her career with Onyx Therapy Group as a resident counselor and at a College Campus working as a Mental Health Clinician. As a counselor, Kayla is passionate about eradicating racial disparities in the BIPOC community and uses
evidence-based practices that incorporate psychodynamic, solution-focused, cognitive
behavioral therapy (CBT), along with interpersonal approaches of mindfulness.

Her approach to therapy comes from a holistic lens. She believes health is wealth and that mental clarity and peace are among the greatest values and gifts we can offer ourselves. Kayla’s goal is to help reclaim the narrative and write the story people want for themselves! She is dedicated to understanding her clients' unique and multi-faceted identities and
experiences as well as cultivating their strengths. As a counselor, she believes we all desire to be seen, known, loved, and understood, and aims to create a space where individuals experience just that, welcomed and embraced!

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