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Meet the Team

Megan Sims

School Based Counselor
M.A. (DC)


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Megan Sims is a school-based counselor, striving to provide a safe and interactive environment to discuss difficult topics, trauma, or to say things out loud that you can’t elsewhere.


Megan’s experiences and settings in which she formed her clinical mental health expertise vary. After obtaining her Bachelors degree, she worked as a Parent Educator for Early Head Start, advocating and assisting  families and children to meet their needs. From there, she relocated to Chicago, and continued to work as a Parent Educator for a non-profit. While in this role, she realized that working with children was her passion, and knew she wanted to be a continued support and safe space for them. 


Megan graduated in May 2021 with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, from Chicago State University. During her graduate studies, Megan interned with Catholic Charities as a community & school-based counselor. A year after relocating to Maryland, Megan began working with Onyx as a school-based counselor. Megan has been able to utilize her past experiences to succeed in this role. By creating a safe space for students through play therapy and cognitive behavioral activities, Megan has been able to establish great rapport and make strides with her students. 


Megan plans to continue to work to become a licensed professional counselor, to further support and advocate for the needs of the children and adolescents that she supports. In her work, Megan wants to support the students in advocating for themselves and by affirming them to increase their self-worth.

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