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Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office

Staff Wellness Initiative and Partnership with Onyx Therapy Group

Staff and Officer Huddles

  • Take the time to focus on YOU!  

  • 100% Confidential

  • Drop-In for Day or Night Shifts

  • 8 weeks of topics tailored to OPSO staff

  • Stressed? Overwhelmed? Take a breather and invest in yourself. Now offering 20-minute individual sessions tailored to fit your busy schedule. Whether it’s wellness strategies, stress management, or conflict resolution, Dr. Williams is here for you. Book your 20-minute session now and embark on a journey to a healthier, more balanced you!



Officer Huddle - In Person

Officer and Staff Huddles are open for all to attend. These are the in-person sessions with Dr. Royal-Williams. 100% confidential. Please see the topics below.

AND 5:30PM - 7PM
AND 5:30PM - 7PM
Virtual Officer Huddles

These are the same huddles as above but offered via ZOOM. Join Ms. Brown on your way to or from work. No cameras need to be on.

Virtual Grief Support

Many of us are dealing with change, loss, sickness, and other issues that engage the grief process. It could be you, a loved one, or a co-worker. Join Dr. Malone for special sessions on life, sadness, and how we thrive during grief. Online- no cameras needed.

Huddle Topics
Real Talk About Stress for Staff | Week Nov. 27
Stress is something much talked about and can cause both physical and mental health problems in our lives. Are you feeling on edge, burnt out, or depressed? Come learn about stress and how to cope when life is LIFE-ing.
When Work and Personal Life Collide | Week Dec. 4
We all have to work…and we all have lives outside of work. What happens when one begins to affect the other? How do you cope? How do you compartmentalize? Come to learn more and talk about the hard road of work/life balance.
Workplace Disputes and Getting Along with Colleagues | Week Dec. 11
Getting along with others can be difficult. It becomes even more challenging when we are at work for 12+ hours and with different personalities. Come learn how to manage workplace relationships effectively and talk about what to do when things go south.
When Chaos Occurs: Staying Cool, Calm and Collected | Week Dec. 18
Breakouts of chaos in our facility and in our own lives. It can be hard to stop, breathe, THEN act- instead, we go in fires blazing. Come and talk about how to maintain, manage and engage self-control in chaos.
Stressed Out and Tired: Caring and Compassion Fatigue |
Week Jan. 1
In our lives and in our jobs, we care. Sometimes that care costs us emotionally. How do you balance “caring” for others with caring for yourself. Come and talk about the signs of caring too much (or the opposite of caring too little) due to stress.
Dealing with Burnout | Week Jan. 8
Do you know the signs of burnout? Are you angry, numb, have different eating habits, drinking or using other substances? Come and talk about healthier coping skills when the burnout gets REAL
New Year, Same Me? | Week Jan 15
We all have goals in life. The question is how do we reach them. Come and talk about or learn how to identify what you want out of this next year and plan for how you will achieve it.
When Life Goes Bad, How Do You Cope? | Week Jan. 22
Problems are going to arise no matter how hard you try. Those problems may be at work or at home. How we show up when dealing with those problems makes all the difference. Come and learn new coping skills for the new year so you are PREPARED for anything life and work throw your way. 
More offerings to come

To include

  • More groups

  • Individual and group therapy

  • Leadership Bootcamps

  • And much more

Meet of Team

Desiree Brown


Dr. Ayanna Malone


Dr. Royal-Williams

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