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Meet the Team

Qiana Wright

Clinical Mental Health Therapist


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Qiana Wright has an extensive lineage advocating and working in the human services and education field. She serves as a Clinical Therapist for Onyx Therapy Group, as well as a Professional School Counselor in the local school system. In her years as a School Counselor, Qiana has helped children and families reach their full potential in social and emotional learning. Before serving as a School Counselor, Qiana served over 19 years in education by beginning her career as a certified Elementary Education Teacher.

Qiana has continued her training in mental health through various trainings addressing trauma, child abuse, suicide intervention, crisis prevention, and became a certified Youth Mental Health First Aider. She eagerly embraces the opportunity to continue to grow in the mental health field and strengthen her professional portfolio. The driving force behind Qiana becoming a counselor is because she believes individuals become the best people they can be when they are provided with the proper guidance and tools. She also believes that every human being has the ability to change and grow, with the proper guidance and resources. This mantra has been translated when serving adult learners as a facilitator for parenting and family social-emotional lead courses.




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