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Meet the Team

Saida Eazizayene

School-Based Therapist

LGPC, Clinical Psychologist Res. 


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My name is Saida Eazizayene. I am an educational psychologist. I am Trained to develop psychological and educational tests, evaluations, and assessments.  I work in different settings providing mental health services to adults, children, and elderly people. In school settings, I work as an educational psychologist, school psychologist, school counselor, or school mental health therapist. My duties are to support students mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically, to both learn inside the schools and to prepare them for the world beyond the schools.  

I utilize different approaches and modalities of psychotherapy to provide services to children and adolescents; like Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavior therapy, group therapy, grief therapy, motivation therapy, positive psychology, play therapy, exposure therapy, trauma-informed care (TIC), motivational therapy, attachment theory, and person-centered therapy. 

I develop research-based interventions for schools to make the classroom and the school climate a psychologically safe environment for students to learn and grow. A psychologically safe environment where students are allowed to make mistakes to learn not to get punished, where every student is seen and heard, and where every student is recognized and has access to as many learning opportunities as his peers regardless of the color of their skin, their cultural background, and their social status. 

I use different teaching methods to teach emotional intelligence to my students through a continuous cycle of one-on-one counseling sessions. Teaching emotional intelligence to students, especially at an early age helps decrease the likelihood of maladaptive behaviors in schools which helps increase time spent on learning and less time spent on behavior and conflict management.




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