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Meet the Team

Cory George

School-Based Counselor
M.A., M.S. (DC)


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Cory George is a compassionate and purpose-filled mental health counselor who often specializes in treating individuals and families who have experienced the painful effects of trauma as well as other mental health/mood disorders that can result from such psychological impact including depression, anxiety. Having  overcome the harmful effects of complex trauma which occurred in his childhood, Cory recognized that he had something far more significant to contribute to the world and began his work as an advocate for survivors of childhood sexual trauma. His work progressed into life coaching, authoring, and documentary production. Cory has spoken to audiences local and abroad and became a member of RAINNS Speakers Bureau where he further utilized his speaking and coping capabilities. In 2021, Cory abandoned his 20+ year information technology career while simultaneously returning to school to earn his Master of Science in Human Services Counseling; Crisis and Trauma from Liberty University where he is currently a third-year doctoral student pursuing his doctoral degree in Community Care and Counseling; Traumatology.  Cory is currently receiving specialized training in the treatment of ADHD for children and adults.


Cory is Certified as a Clinical Trauma Specialist in three areas (Individual, Family, and Sex Trafficking/Sexual Violence). Cory is also a Certified Domestic Violence Specialist and Certified Anger Management Specialist. Cory’s other areas of experience include grief and loss, treatment of complex trauma, and brief family behavioral interventions. Cory’s keen interest in trauma also includes the effects of historical and cultural trauma. His work has been featured on television and radio. Cory is also a Certified Producer for DCTV and has produced special projects related to mental health with a special focus on the African American and LGBTQ community.


Cory’s approach to counseling is holistic and eclectic in that he is interested in the benefits of adjunct therapies and remedies that can help one maximize their potential for success. His personal counseling theory is rooted in cognitive-based therapy and draws from ACT, motivational interviewing, exposure-based modalities, and strength-based counseling approaches. Cory’s ultimate goal is facilitate men’s mental health workshops/retreats, positively impacting the lives of marginalized individuals and communities, and to continue to create/produce multimedia projects aimed at making the most uncomfortable conversations more comfortable in as many homes as possible.

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