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The Role of Intuition in Therapy - From a Therapist's Perspective

I love my clients. I value them as people. I see the essence of who they are. I understand various parts of their lives. I am committed to helping them grow into the versions of themselves that they want, see, and have intuitive insight to aim for. I am a healer…because I get to heal emotional wounds that cause blockages for growth and transformation.

Recently, I was working with a client and we talked about intuitive insight and intuitive foresight. It’s those moments when something sets in our mind, clearly out of nowhere, and we have no recall of why we are thinking a particular way. It literally drops out of the sky (Universe, God, ancestors, Orishas, spirits) and it binds to a thought and a feeling. Usually, it is a positive thought or a positive feeling (although it can also be accompanied by fear because hope and fear can reside in the mind…but only 1 can be acted upon). Nonetheless, we experience something but don’t quite know what to do with it. In layman's terms, it’s kind of like the déjà vu (Webster: a feeling of having already experienced the present situation). It’s the “already experienced” because the experience first happened in your mind, emotions, and spirit…and then later it happens in an observable action/behavioral form.

Oftentimes, the intuitive insight gives us a vision of what to do….an answer to the question that our mind or spirit has put out to the Universe. Equally so, the intuitive foresight is that emotional or spiritual direction that we are called to go in. Ashe.

Here’s where the healing comes in, from a therapeutic lens…

There are times in which we have learned to suppress (consciously) or repress (subconsciously) our intuition and therefore don’t acknowledge the insight or foresight that accompanies it. For some of us, especially Black Women, we have learned to either/or suppress and repress because we were taught that our thoughts were not worthy, inaccurate, invalid, confusion, unaligned, etc. We were taught these things so that we could follow…follow white people…follow men...follow those who have been identified (or self-identified) as leaders. And in order to follow them, we had to deny parts of ourselves. But this is faulty. It is wrong. It creates dissonance of mind, dissonance of spirit, dissonance of purpose. And, it prevents us from “seeing” and “doing” as we need to, to fulfill the purpose of our lives…or at the least, the next decision we have to make.

And so, you may say: “Ok Doc, what do I do now? How do I address my intuition, combat the elements of negative socialization, and relearn how to value my intuition and decision-making without being dependent on (this is cultural…but largely spiritual) someone to tell me what is right, wrong, what to do, and what not?”

And my answer is: Spend some time with yourself. Unplug from everything for a while. Ask yourself and your spiritual guides (God, ancestors, Orishas, angels, Universe) etc. to speak to you.

Honey…be prepared for it.

Because they will answer your requests and start talking to you and showing you things.

And then you will need to distinguish between your emotions once you start hearing them. Because some things may be so clear that it's scary. There are many times when they tell me something and I’m like, “No way. There is NO way you are going to bless me that way…or no way I will feel that emotion- peace…no way you deem me worthy enough.” But, as you continue to be…just be…you will get messages on how it will all happen and turn out. You may not get all the messages at once….it may come in piece by peace (…I did that on purpose) but it will come.

And, of course, you need to participate in therapy so you can talk it out with an expert. This is so you can distinguish between your emotions…call fear what it is…acknowledge apprehension as it arrives…and clear your head of any obstacles that may cause you to question yourself, the message, and your intuition. It’s a skill…to be learned. And now that you are reading this…of all the blogs you could be reading…you are reading this one because you are ready.

Have fun with it.

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