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A Letter to my Bestest Friend In the Whole Wide Nation

Man, where do I begin? Natasha is more than just a friend. She is the sister that Mr. did not have. She is the friend that never holds back. She is the one you can cry with about the same issue multiple times but will always ask you if you want advice or just need to vent. She is the person I don’t see often and go days without talking to but when we do, we don’t skip a beat.

We officially met in college at LMU. She was two doors down from me in the dorm. We saw each other every morning in the bathroom because we were always the first ones up after the cleaning crew left. Iykyk…community bathrooms in the dorm can be disgusting after 9am. We instantly built a bond that was unbreakable and boy, we were tested. I know that sounds weird saying we bonded over being in the bathroom first, but it’s true. We still laugh about it to this day. From that moment on it was always US. The running joke when I met my husband (Blind date set up by Tasha and her boyfriend) he had to be ok with knowing that there is no me without her. We are a package deal. I think it was either our 2nd or 3rd year in college and her dad got a new job in Seattle and she and the family packed up and moved. I was heartbroken. Knowing I would not get to see her everyday felt like someone took a piece of me away. A bit dramatic right? I know…but that’s me, dramatic. She came back to Cali often because her family still lived in Los Angeles, so we saw each other a lot. I am so grateful for the friendship we have built. She encourages me to go after my dreams, she has introduced me to so many new things in life, she is my rock, my son's Godmother, the mother to my Goddaughters, she is my Tasha…the best friend I never knew I needed. So, this letter is to her:

Natasha, my bestest friend in the whole wide nation, thank you for being you. Thank you for always having my back even when I did not deserve it. Thank you for ALL the Good and Bad times we shared. Yes, I know both Bad times were my fault and I will forever apologize for them. Nope, I will not be writing those bad times in this letter because if you don’t know about them you never will. Some things should just be left in the past. Being your best friend has meant more to me than you will ever know. You are the sister I always yearned for. There is nothing I can’t tell you. Honestly, you know what I am going to say before I say most things. Yes, I have two half-sisters, but those relationships have never grown past the title of sister. You know the struggles I have had when it comes to family. Growing up knowing I had sisters but never had a real relationship with them bothered me. I always felt a void in my life and when you came in you filled that sister void for me. The definition of a sister is a person who’s been where you’ve been; someone you can call when things aren’t going right; is more than just family; a sister is a forever friend, and you are ALL of that to me. I just wish I had the opportunity to grow up with you as a sister.

Last year was a difficult year for you. Listening to the pain in your voice and not being able to physically be there just to give you a hug sucked. I needed to be there for you like you have always been there for me, and I failed. I am sorry babe. But I know you are going to tell me I was there for you because that’s just how you are. I have watched you heal and push through the pain and I am in awe of you. Through it all you have shown me what a strong woman is. You took the time needed to heal, to process and to grow. You never let the trials and tribulations of life get the best of you. Even when it's hard, you push through and come out on top. I hope you know what a Boss Chick you are. I have watched you go after your dreams and goals and even when there are obstacles, you find your way around them.

Don’t let me get started on you as a mother. Your daughters are so blessed to have you as a mother. You teach them about everything, the good and bad. You allow them to be free and show them so much love. Now don’t get me wrong you show them tough love too, but the love you give them is unmatched. If I had daughters, I would model my relationship with them after you. I remember when you told me you were pregnant, I knew you would make the best mom ever (I mean I already saw you as a Godmother so I knew you would be amazing at it). I love you Tasha and I am beyond grateful for our friendship. I know you are like, “Why did she write this about me?” I wanted the world to know who Tasha is. I wanted them to know all the wonderful things about you. I wanted to give you your flowers while you could smell them.

But mostly, I have been reflecting on who I am and everything that makes me who I am and you are a part of that journey. I am a better me because you are a part of my life. Thank you! They say Capricorns and Virgos make the best friends…I AGREE.

This poem sums up just how I feel about our Friendship.

But your best friend is

Still your best friend

Even from half a world away.

Even from half a world away

Distance can’t sever that connection.

Best friends are the kind of people

Who can survive anything

And when best friends see each other again,

After being separated by half a world

And more miles than you can think you can bear,

You pick up right where you left off

After all, that’s what


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