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Breaking Cycles…Who is Your Partner?

I have a kid going to college in the Fall. Not quite a kid. Legally, she’s an adult. Socially, she’s grown-ish. In my heart, she’s still my baby. The one who made me a mom…who's breaking generational cycles with me…who reminds me that someone is always watching.

When she was born, or even now, she may not know that she is breaking cycles. For her, she is living life, enjoying the fruits of the elders that came before her, making plans to open doors for others, and…just living…the good, the bad, the ugly.

And she’s unaware because…who really knows that they are the chosen one until it becomes apparent?

People often ask me; how do you know your purpose…how did you find out and how were you sure?

I think God told me early in life because He knew He designed me to be goal-oriented and disciplined. I think He knew that if I didn’t have a goal, I would have selected out of this world. Life was hard as a kid, with a mom addicted to crack cocaine and a dad that was trying to save and find himself, at the same time. As an only child by my mom, I was often alone and learning how to survive because of a small (but clear) voice to guide me and a grandmother and great grandmother who believed in me. Maybe they knew my purpose but didn’t have the words to say it…or the space to dwell on it…or the space to acknowledge that I was designed to break what they either created or reinforced. But…they believed in me.

So, while I was a young girl and knew I was chosen by God and the Egun to break 5 specific cycles, I didn’t know how I was going to do it or who was going to do it with me. And, I certainly didn’t think it would be one of my children. But, here we are, with Alyssa Eve (Radiant Life) as my partner. Of the 5 cycles, she is my partner in: Addressing mother/daughter relationships, Educational isolation/achievement, and Poverty/Wealth building. The other 2 relate to marriages and addiction.

So, many times we have this concept that we are to break the cycles alone and we don’t know who is supposed to ride out with us. I mean, our own purpose isn’t always clear…so who are partner(s) are may not be clear too. That’s logical and understandable. But, if you know you are chosen to address and break certain generational cycles, be open to the idea that you may have a partner in the process…and it may be who you least expect. In this situation, for me, it’s my daughter…but in some situations, it could be your boss who keeps touching your sensitive spots or triggers, or your ex who keeps circling back around and playing games, or your friend who may not see you (positively) the way you see yourself. These people, these relationships, may be the foundation and training ground for you to break certain cycles. Be open to it…instead of just annoyed. See it as a learning process and a partnership (even if you don’t tell them) for you to be the most elevated version of you. Remember, you are breaking cycles and setting new legacies.

So, shout out to my personal partner, my kid, my baby, my young lady who is not just destined for greatness…but who IS greatness.

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