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Disconnect to Reconnect

Do any of us know how to take breaks anymore? I mean a real break…

I’ll be honest, when I took my first personal retreat away from my family, work obligations, social groups, etc., I was lost. Really lost. I mean, I am an extrovert. Maybe I should say extra-vert because I be out in these streets, having a good time and living life to the fullest. But there are times, many times in fact, when I scream (and whisper) that I am tired and need a break. So, when my Executive Assistant (shout out to my girl Shahidah) planned a great personal retreat for me, I was ready! And then I got there and didn’t know what to do. I’m serious yall. I was pacing around the room, taking out books and clothes, putting on Law and Order SVU, looking out the window, searching my to-do list, wondering if someone needs me, wondering what I can do because I need to do… something.

No lie, this lasted for nearly 2 days. And then I realized, I didn’t know how to take a break.

So, before my students at Hopkins took their Spring Break and as my own teenagers prepare for their Spring Break, I want to list what I’ve learned to do to “break”

  1. Turning off my phone notifications

  2. Going to bed, naturally

  3. Waking up, naturally

  4. Turning off the TV and just listening to music

  5. Dancing around my room

  6. NOT opening my laptop

  7. Connecting with my hobbies (I bought 5 plants, did a green-thumb workshop, read 2 books, and took a dance class- What’s good TRAP CARDIO cousins)

  8. Breathed… like a lot… a lot of deep breaths

  9. Ordered the food I wanted to eat


So say this with me… Spring Break is NOT Catch-up week… it’s Break week.

So break from the norms, resist the temptation to default into busyness, and don’t feel guilty about a single freaking thing.

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