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General Self-Care? No Way: Make SELF-care that’s just for YOU!!

I mean, since we are all different, shouldn’t our self-care be different too?

I know, I feel that my SELF has been taken care of when I accomplish something that requires my working out and closing all my circles 5x a week, or when I’ve gone several months without drinking because I’m preparing for a race. As you saw in the previous blog, I feel accomplished when I drink a gallon of water a day or even go to bed on time.

And for some, they feel that their SELF has been taken care of when they can binge on Netflix and popcorn, or a bit of steamy sexy sex.

See, the thing about self-care is that it’s about self. And regardless of what you do and how you do it, if your SELF is taken care of, your body will respond accordingly. Dopamine will be released from your digestive tract and travel to your brain, thus making you feel a sense of “high,” or serotonin will be released from your digestive tract and travel to your brain and make you feel “good.” You may even get an adrenaline rush and get a boost of energy or an oxytocin release and make you feel more connected to whomever is around you or yourself.

And, what I also know is, when you take care of yourSELF, you can also sleep better at night (like more REM sleep - not the old adage because you’ve done everything “right” - but I guess that does apply here too. HA! A double win!), you can breath better (not just relax but get more blood flow to your lungs and allow for more expansion instead of congestion), and you can make better decisions (because your flow is flowing better, the internal chemicals are working in your favor, your frontal cortex is amplified, and your rationale tends to be stronger).

So now that you have a bit of the science around the impact of SELF-care, let’s talk about how YOU do it…for you.

Journaling helps. I’m a believer. Walking helps. I know it. Prayer is the bomb. Proven!




A Bit More.

Here are a few of mine:

Scrolling through Pinterest to get new fashion inspiration and outfit looks.

Browsing YouTube to think about some fun hairstyles.

Oiling my scalp slowly while listening to my LS’s voice-memos on our group chat and LAUGHING OUT LOUD!

Texting my besties at the end of the night to tell them a wild thing someone (not a client, chill) said to me during the day.

Putting on my warm fuzzy socks.

Turning my heated blanket up high and crawling underneath it….just right…😊

See, just a few things that are unique to me…and may or may not apply to you.

All elements of SELF-care are important….and some are general…and others are specific. But ultimately, ensure that your SELF-care is specific to you.

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