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In Due Time

It’s been a year, more or less, since I started blogging.

Initially, I was like: I’m going to blog because I have something to say. I’m going to be a living resource for folks that are seeking clarity around mental health, mental illness, or total well-being. I had you in mind. And, I still do.

And, I learned that I have an added bonus…that makes sense too…but that I didn’t predict.

That bonus is: I really like this ish…

See, a while back, I got a spiritual message that I am supposed to write…like, be an author, kind of write. I have a terribly interesting and fascinating life story, starting with a mother addicted to crack cocaine and using her body as a source of income…for her crack cocaine addiction…and going so much further with so many highs and a ton of lows too. Anytime I mentioned a small part of my life story, someone would state: “Wow LaNail, when are you planning to write your book?” My answer, “In due time.” But the truth is, I’ve been avoiding it. I mean, I never experienced that hard ass life and was like…I don’t want to go back and explore all the horrid and painful details so I can make money. That didn’t seem helpful or cathartic to me. In fact, it felt unnecessary and self-serving...and I didn’t want that for my life. I don’t want that for my life.

Recently, I had a session with a wonderful Reiki healer, Urania of Selah, New Orleans, and she plainly stated, “It's time.” And I knew exactly what she was talking about. What made this wild is…this was our very first time meeting. She’d spoken with my EA, Shahidah to set the date and time...and she knows a few people that I know but there was NO WAY that she would have known about a book or anything similar, other than a convening of the ancestors who dropped a line or two her way.

So, this intersects because: I have been writing the blog and loving it and it…I’ve been living life and NOW I love it…and with the spiritual confirmation that I got, I know that it’s time to write my book. “In Due Time” is NOW.

I imagine there are many of us that have a seed in our heart…not one that we necessarily planted ourselves or that we even wanted to be there. I imagine that seed scares us because it requires a massive dose of courage, a standard structure of discipline, and a whole lot of faith while we shift through and sift through emotions, thoughts, memories, and dreams.

And in all of that, I imagine that now it is time. Time to let the seed take root and grow.

Now, do me a favor and send me a message about your “seed” and together, we can water our seeds, provide sunshine to each other, and watch them bloom and blossom. Mine…will be a book to come out in 2023. What is yours?

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