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Invest in Rest

Did January go by super slow or was it just me?

It always feels like that though; every January feels like a full 24 hours in the day and a full 7 days in the week. Then February hits and it’s like, “Well where did February 2nd go because it’s already February 10th?!” So funny.

I started thinking, why does January always feel so long?

Many factors:

  • The days (or rather sunlight) are shorter because it’s Winter.

  • The adrenaline of holidays (shopping and preparation) are over because that season has passed.

  • I’ve set out new goals but don’t see the results yet (i.e.- Why isn’t this skin buttery perfect yet? I mean, I’ve been using these new products, avoiding the sunlight, and drinking all the water?).

  • Maybe, some Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  • And, what do we have to look forward to? – This is all about mindset.

Well I don’t have all the answers but I’ll tell you what I am going to do…

I’m going to take advantage of these long days and sleep. Yes, sleep. I’m going to sleep more. I’m going to let January dictate my February, March, and April. I’m going to make a sleeptime routine. Want to join me?

  • I’m going to boil some water and make a warm cup of non-caffeinated tea and I’m going to put it in a beautiful mug and sip on it.

  • I’m going to wash my face every night and take some time to just look at myself. Not judge or critique… just look.

  • I’m going to set a bedtime (I wake up early to go to the gym so I’m going to stop working at 7pm, including meetings, and I’m going to turn off my TV by 9pm - Lord I hope Maegs doesn’t kill me… and I am going to look at magazines or read a book.). My bedtime will be 10pm. I am going to laugh. A deep belly laugh. Laugh lines in my face, aches in my back, showing the back of my teeth… laugh.

  • And this will make the full days feel…fuller with joy 😊 .

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