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Who Am I?

As a current senior in highschool, I am faced with the daunting task of completing college applications and scholarships. The moment I have been preparing for my entire academic career is finally here, yet I feel completely stuck. I have maintained good grades, scored well on my SAT, and joined extracurricular clubs that I knew would look impressive to admissions officers. So, when my college essay prompted the question of “Who Are You?,” the only answer I could muster up was “a good student.” While this is true, I could not fathom that this is all I really am. I had no other answer, though. What should I say? What is the right answer?

When people think about who they are, it is easy to state their biggest accomplishments and recognitions. We define ourselves through the most obvious parts of our life. However, anyone can know your status, your occupation, or the awards you’ve won, without truly knowing you. We often fail to acknowledge the small bits of us that create the bigger picture. As cliche as it is, people are truly a mosaic. We are not just a singular thing, but a mixture of all our experiences, big and small.

So Who Am I?

There is no one answer, and there is certainly no right answer. I am a girl who loves the ocean, but hates the sand. A girl who hates being scared, but finds nothing but enjoyment in true crime documentaries. A girl who has no idea what to write on her college essay, but can write paragraphs about not knowing what to write. I am a complex person and cannot limit myself to a simple answer. The only thing I can respond with is, “I am myself.”

(Note: I am still going to write my essay on a specific subject! This writing piece is just to emphasize that your true identity could never be confined to 600 words haha!)

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