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December is known as the holiday season. There are lights and decorations everywhere, the radio starts playing Christmas songs, the mall is bustling, and all the advertisements show you the hottest gift trends. The outside becomes overly cheery. Everything seems perfect. Except it isn’t. There are many people that do not enjoy December. Maybe they lost a loved one or their family is financially struggling. Perhaps they just don’t feel like celebrating. Maybe they don’t feel as if they are blessed.

While the word blessed is frequently used in a religious context, it is also defined as “a thing conducive to happiness or welfare.” A great thing about blessings is that they are individual. The most amazing thing about them is everyone has them. Sometimes it feels like I have so much pressure to do well in school, balance my job with other responsibilities, and just enjoy being young. It is easy to forget that I never have to worry whether I have access to a warm meal, that I woke up healthy, and that I live in a community where I feel safe. I have many blessings though I cannot always see them.

During this season, remember to be kind, gracious, and giving. Please care and check on each other. Support the people in your life that are in a place where they cannot see their blessings. Be their blessing.

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