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Say Yes

It is currently November, which means we are only 2 months away from the new year. 2023. The year I graduate high school. I have longed for this time since I started my academic journey, but now I am the furthest thing from excited. I am scared. I fear the uncertainty that adulthood brings me. I grieve the childhood that is coming to an end. I want more time to be a kid.

As I mentioned before, I could not wait to graduate. I was so focused on an end goal, that I forgot to appreciate the moments leading up to it. I skipped numerous football games because, ¨there would always be another one.¨ I declined several invites from peers, explaining that, ¨I´d catch up with them next time.¨ Now football season is over and I have not gone out with friends in 3 months.

If I could go back in time, I would say ¨yes.¨ I would attend the school dances, the birthday parties, and the spontaneous, last-minute plans. It would not matter how many times I had done it before or how many times I could do it again. I would go. Unfortunately, however, I did not and I must live with my choice.

Do not make the same mistake that I did. Life is a series of experiences and opportunities. Take advantage of the life that has been given to you. You do not get more time. You do not get a redo. You only have now and you should make the most of it. That is what I plan to do with my remaining few months at home.

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